September 19, 2012

A Sketchbook Project

Hi everyone - I wanted to share something I found on a video (I watching a crafty video - whoda thunk?).  I was watching a video on under her video section 'Make a Card Monday' on making card sketchbooks.  I thought this was a cool idea.  See her post here....

Here's a picture of the finished card sketchbook.  The cardstock is from an old Tim Holtz paper pad and the letters are from a QuicKutz alphabet die set called Star Dust.

On Kristina's website she has a pdf file of a blank page showing outlines of cards in both vertical and horizontal formats.  When you print them out, print them double sided so you'll be able to have more blank cards on fewer pages.  I used 5 sheets so it's 10 pages. You don't want to make it too thick.

She also has a pdf for blank scrapbook pages but I printed some out and used them for 6x6 square card formats.

The sheets have a dotted line to cut, so cut along the line and then fold each sheet in half.  I believe the size of the book ends up being 3.75 x 8.50.  The cover of the sketchbook should be cut 7.50 x 8.50, also folded in half.  Line up all your inside pages with the cover and then staple in the center.  (Tip: open up your stapler and staple into a mouse pad or a chair cushion - this will keep the prongs of the staple open so that you can manually fold them over).  Decorate the cover and viola, your book is done.  If the pages at the bottom of the sketchbook don't line up because of the number of folded papers inside the book, take a ruler and an exacto knife and just trim them evenly.

Here's an example of what the inside will look like....

When I see a sketch I like on a blog I just draw it out...if I think of a layout myself, I'll draw it out.  It's really handy and such a cool idea.....wish I'd thought of it first. 

Hope you enjoy this project.  Thanks for stopping by - see you next time.



  1. I saw this on her blog a few weeks ago, too! I made one right away!

  2. P.S. Post the link to your blog posts on your FB page eevry time you do one. Then I won't miss any of your great blog posts!